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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 15: House on Haunted (Mill) Hill

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This podcast is haunted! Okay, not really, but it does feature a track list full of haints and horrors and those brave enough to fight them. It’s part one of my annual Radio Free Hipster Halloween Crap-tacular–because it’s Halloween all month, baby!

You can listen below or download episode 15 directly. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed, which I am assured works by harnessing only the blackest of magicks.

These show notes? Also haunted!

00:47 mc chris – “Help Wanted” (content warning)
03:49 Talking / BGM: Sam Haynes – “Haunted House”
04:50 dj BC – “Haunted House of Mash-Ups”
07:55 The Grammar Club – “Super Girls ‘n Ghosts” (content warning)
12:30 Sam Haynes – “Ghost House
16:01 Kirby Krackle – “I Was Made to Haunt You
19:12 More talking / BGM: Sam Haynes – “Haunted House”
20:14 Armcannon – “Ghostbusters
23:17 Joshua Morse – “Wandering Latinas
28:31 Essexboy – “Freaky Teethbusters” (content warning)
33:15 Even more talking / BGM: Sam Haynes – “Haunted House”
35:21 Tribe One – “We Are Ready to Believe You (feat. dj BC and The Ambrose)

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