WCP: Revisiting ‘The Shadow’


Remember when Alec Baldwin was a superhero?

Jake + Mitch venture back into the ’90s vault and relish the red scarfed glory of The Shadow. Along the way they hit a few key questions:

As is the case with most pre-21st Century campy comic flicks, this one had a moment… just not a big one. Either way, The Shadow is a fun ride and every bit deserving of a deep-dive.

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1 thought on “WCP: Revisiting ‘The Shadow’

  1. If the movie is finally just a little less than the sum of its parts, maybe that’s appropriate. The original “Shadow” novels were pounded out by Walter Gibson at a rate of 60,000 works a week, and consumed by magazine and radio audiences not because they were individually great, but because collectively they created a dream.

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