‘Star Wars’ and Funko Share a Smuggler’s Bounty

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When I first heard news that Star Wars and Funko were teaming up for a subscription box I remember turning to my wife and saying; “I love this!” Awaiting the customary “I know” response, I was instead met with; “great, more clutter.” Touché.

Loot Crate, which I’ll be regularly reviewing on GeekDad beginning later this month, is a tremendous hit in my house. “Geek” subscription boxes offer a mixed bag ranging from unique and fun to cringe worthy. Luckily, Funko has proven its commitment to being consistent and unique with its Marvel-themed Collector Corps box. I’m holding out hope that Smuggler’s Bounty will do the same for Star Wars.

Funko has announced that each Smuggler’s Bounty box will feature collectibles, toys, and apparel that are guaranteed exclusives for subscribers. Unlike boxes like Loot Crate, which comes monthly, Smuggler’s Bounty will be bimonthly like the Marvel Collector Corps subscription. Every new box will focus on a different aspect of the Star Wars universe and each will be themed specifically around the Star Wars films. Unfortunately, that likely means we won’t be seeing any Star Wars Rebels collectibles. Naturally, the first box, due out in November, will be based on The Force Awakens.

For $25 every other month, or $150 per year, members will receive a box full of exclusive Star Wars-themed collectibles and other items Funko guarantees to always be valued at over $50. As standard with subscription services, there is a monthly and yearly payment option, offering an annual gift to incentivize the yearly commitment.

The first box is due out this November, and the deadline to signup to receive it is November 12th. As a diehard Star Wars fan enjoying the pre-Force Awakens fever pitch, November can’t come soon enough!

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2 thoughts on “‘Star Wars’ and Funko Share a Smuggler’s Bounty

  1. Funko is NOT replacing damaged boxes and characters anymore! Make sure you are aware of this before ordering, as things have changed since Collector Corps. If you are a collector and like boxes that are properly cared for, don’t order from Funko! Check their policy, it basically says they can decide (not based on actual problems that arise) at “THEIR DISCRETION,” whether you POP’s are worthy of a replacement or box replacement. My phasma character was covered in gray painted fingerprints and splatter…and they told me it doesn’t warrant any defect. The crushed delivery box, and therefore character box, doesn’t warrant a box replacement (as they did with Collector Corps)! They are cutting costs at OUR expense! Order through many other online carriers who actually care the condition of the items you receive and YOUR being satisfied with the purchase…not Funko happy to just take your money.

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