Ask Dr. GeekDad – Episode 1: Sun Safety

Reading Time: 1 minute

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the new video series Ask Dr. GeekDad!

Gerry L Tolbert, MD - Board Certified Family Physician -  Used with Permission
Gerry L Tolbert, MD – Board Certified Family Physician – Photo Courtesy of the AAFP. Photo Used with Permission

Several months ago, when I joined GeekDad, we discussed the possibility of creating a series of videos about broad topics in health. After several iterations and multiple ideas, I’ve settled – for now – on some short-form, informational videos covering several topics that relate mostly to situations in daily life.

This first episode focuses on Sun Safety. Though it powers the Earth, radiation from the sun can be harmful. We all need to protect ourselves accordingly! Check out the video below for a few tips and feel free to sound off in the comments below or on social media if you have questions or ideas for further videos.

For more information on sun safety for both kids and adults, visit the CDC’s website or check out this great article at


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