Steam Locomotive Contruction in the 1930s

We do a lot of articles on GeekDad about modern technology and modern conveniences, but an old technology that still captures the hearts and minds of techies around the world is the steam locomotive. They are beautiful to see in a museum, and even more amazing to see in action.

The folks over at Hack A Day have a post today with a video of a 1930s era steam locomotive coming together, and it is fascinating to watch. I can’t say I agree with the statement at the beginning of the video that seems to glorify the lack of modern safety equipment and oversight, but, other than that, the video covers an amazing array of manufacturing techniques including forging, casting, and machining. I highly recommend giving it a look and maybe using it as a preparation video before you go to a train museum.

Need to find a train museum? Some of my favorites are:

Feel free to mention your favorites in the comments!

Retrotechtacular: Steam Locomotive Contruction in the 1930s.

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