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Radio Free Hipster Ep. 10: Double Digits

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In this exciting episode of Radio Free Hipster, enjoy the music of The Doubleclicks, Wordburglar, and John Anealio. And also the dulcet tones of me with a summer cold.

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I offer you these show notes. I made them myself.

00:44 Backburner – “Heatwave
04:21 Talking/BGM: Jon Everist – “Greed Zenith
4:55 Tetrastar – “Float On”
08:01 Sci-Fried – “Level UP!” (language warning)
12:29 A-1 – “Golden Girls” (language warning)
16:46 The Doubleclicks – “The Guy Who Yelled Freebird” (language warning)
20:29 More talking/BGM: Jon Everist – “Greed Zenith”
21:51 Mustin – “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now (from Perfect Strangers)
25:04 John Anealio – “Necropolis”
28:32 Crayondroids – “Destroy All Humans
31:49 mc chris – “Neville” (language warning)
34:15 Even more talking/BGM: Jon Everist – “Greed Zenith”
35:38 Wordburglar – “Channel Halifax

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