GBBP Unplugged 3: ‘Disney Infinity’

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The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Unplugged Episode 3: Disney Infinity

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Welcome to another “bonus episode.” This time, we’re talking Disney Infinity.

We start out with a quick chat with fellow GeekDad and FamilyGamerTV honcho Andy Robertson. We talk about what distinguishes Infinity 3.0 from previous incarnations, the upcoming Battlegrounds playset, how the physical figures could conceivably be “leveled up” for a future edition of the game, and just how saturated the “toys to life” video game market has become.

On the second half of the episode, we’re joined by Disney Infinity Art Director Jeff Bunker to chat a bit more about the game. Jeff is the man responsible for the look and design of all of the figures. So if you like the way Infinity figures look and feel, he’s the guy to thank.

We talk about the challenges of bringing new characters, such as Spot from The Good Dinosaur, to life in the game before the film is even finished. We also touch on the possibility of different packaging for oversize figures, vehicles, the process behind character design, and the potential for backwards compatibility in a future game.


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