Emergency Water Purifiers for Family Safety on Sale Today

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I’ve lived in California pretty much all my life. I’m also a Civil Engineer by trade, and have studied seismology. You see those little yellow dots in the middle of the map above? Those are all the earthquakes that have registered in the last week. I live within a couple miles of those dots.

It’s time to update our emergency preparedness kit.

Do you have an emergency preparedness kit? Sure, you may not live in earthquake country, but maybe you live in tornado country, or hurricane country, or wildfire country, or flood country, or blizzard country. There aren’t many places that aren’t prone to some kind of natural disaster, and the effects of climate change are only going to make things more interesting in the future. It only behooves us to be prepared.

It’s not about a survivalist-level of preparation, either. More about having the ability to hold out at home for a couple of days if the power goes out, water becomes non-potable, emergency services are overwhelmed, and you can’t get to a store for food. You need water, canned or dried food, batteries or other power sources, and first aid supplies.

Well, today’s Amazon Daily Deal will get you started. They’re selling a few of the LifeStraw water purification devices at serious discount, including my favorite, the Family Water Purifier, which can purify up to 12 liters of water an hour via a gravity feed system. It’s just $51. Check out all the models here.

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