Jim Gordon, Batman, Gotham

Join the Gotham City Police Department

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Jim Gordon, Batman, Gotham
Gotham City Police Badge from DC Collectibles. Photo by Corrina Lawson

With DC Collectibles new Gotham City Police Department replica badge, it is now easier to join the Gotham City Police Department or, at least, easier to cosplay a GCPD officer. (Also, safer to just cosplay, given the GCPD’s high rate of attrition.)

The badge is a full-size replica of the badges used on the Gotham television show and passes the “feels real” test. It comes nicely packaged in a slipcase and a jewelry-style box. The badge is nice enough, but I was most impressed by the real leather holder.

I’m never going to pass for Jim Gordon, but, if I add this to my official GCPD t-shirt plus the right pants and boots, it makes for the the perfect GCPD officer cosplay. In the meantime, my badge is being guarded by my army of Jim Gordons.

Jim Gordon, Hush, Dark Victory, DC chess set
The Jim Gordons watch over the GCPD badge. Photo by Corrina Lawson

The badge is available at retailers beginning in June.  Amazon has it listed for $29.99.

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