Would Charles Schulz Have Approved of This T-Shirt?

chicks talk too much t
Image via Stage store.

I’d seen a photo of this T-shirt online once or twice, but assumed it was an unapproved use, that this couldn’t possibly be an approved official use. Then, I ran across it today at my local Target. I checked the inside collar. It contained an official label listing “www.peanuts.com.” I checked the tag, which was in the shape of Snoopy’s doghouse, with Snoopy on top and again included “www.peanuts.com.”

I also found the shirt currently on sale at Stage. It’s clearly being marketed to young men, as it was in the Young Men’s section at Target, the same department where it’s listed in Stage online. So it’s basically using Snoopy and Woodstock to insult women.

C’mon, man.

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