Commuter Gamer: ‘Transformers: Battle Tactics’ Unleashes the Dinobots

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Transformers: Battle Tactics got a huge update yesterday while kicking off the long anticipated Dinobots event! You finally have a chance to add Grimlock and the Dinobots to your army.

I did an in-depth review of Transformers: Battle Tactics when it launched, so I’m only covering the updates and the new event today.

TFBT-Dinobots-DashboardThe major update to the game was replacing a very convoluted menu system with this great, easy-to-navigate, and very slick looking, dashboard screen. All of the underlying functionality is the same–managing your teams, viewing rankings and leagues, visiting the space bridge–but it’s more easily referenced from the integrated dashboard. My favorite thing about the new dashboard is that you can see everything in a glance and any alerts are indicated in context. Previously you had to go through the menu to see what needed your attention and why.

TFBT-Dinobots-StrongholdAnd now for the reason everyone is so excited–Dinobots! The Dinobots event, “Dinobots Destruction,” started yesterday and runs through June 10th. The event is being done in the Stronghold-style. I’ve only seen one other event done this way since the inception of Transformers:Battle Tactics, and it’s actually my favorite of the event styles. To me, it feels the most fair in terms of being able to be successful, earn event points, and win rewards without having to be a hardcore, money-spending player.

TFBT-Dinobots-DungeonIn Stronghold-style, you play through a “dungeon” that is composed of progressively numerous and more difficult battles. Rewards from each battle are queued up and not dished out until completion of the entire dungeon. The thing that makes these more difficult is that if one of the members of your team is defeated, they are permanently out until you reach the end of the dungeon; however, you can hit that red reset button to restart a dungeon and try again. There is a cool down on resetting, though, so use it sparingly and only when absolutely necessary!

TFBT-Dinobots-RewardsAnd, of course, the most important part–the Dinobots themselves. You can earn Slug, Snarl, and Slog as rewards in the dungeons or by earning (or buying) the appropriate cores needed to unlock them. At the end of the event, players and leagues with enough event points will be rewarded with Grimlock and Swoop. I will admit now that I have not ever paid for anything in this game, but the desire to have Grimlock may be the final straw that makes me break.

If you aren’t already playing Transformers: Battle Tactics, now is the perfect time to get on board and score yourself some Dinobots while you’re at it!

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