My Music Anywhere With MyMusicCloud – Win $100 of Free Music!


I’m not what you would call a casual music fan, and I’m certainly not the target demographic for your regular streaming music service. When I want to hear music–be it in my home or on the go–I want to hear my music.

As a music podcaster, I receive a steady stream of new releases, and, since many of my friends are musicians and fellow music nerds, I don’t exactly need a complicated algorithm to help me unearth some forgotten jewel from our punk rock past.

The only problem, then, is portability. Between apps and photos, my iPhone only has room for a finite amount of musical content, and carrying around a dedicated external drive filled with MP3s can be more trouble than it’s worth.

If you, like me, are looking for a unique storage solution for your music needs, check out today’s sponsor, MyMusicCloud. MyMusicCloud is a global cloud storage and streaming service, available in 23 languages and 29 countries, that is compatible with all music management services and devices. Whether you organize your library with iTunes or Windows Media Player for use on an iPhone or Android phone/tablet, MyMusicCloud has you covered, regardless of device or manufacturer (they even have a Blackberry app!).

All devices

Simply import your songs, sync your library across all your connected devices, and enjoy your music everywhere. This means if you (or your geekling) is prone to misplacing your phone, MyMusicCloud assures that you won’t lose all your entertainment content. And unlike streaming-only services such as Spotify or Pandora, MyMusicCloud even lets you sync your collection for offline play.

chrome app

Storage of the first 250 songs is free, and users can pay $39 per year for unlimited storage. Better yet, MyMusicCloud has agreed to extend a special offer to one lucky GeekDad reader: one year of free unlimited cloud storage and $100 worth of MyMusicCloud song purchases. (Yes, the MyMusicCloud Store sells over 11 million songs starting at as low as 19 cents.)

Just enter your information into the form below before 11:59 PM, Sunday, May 31st for your chance to win!

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