Leaf Your Way Into Health

I’m super excited that Bellabeat is debuting their new limited-edition Leaf smart jewelry this month. And if the product holds up to the advertising, my Misfit Flash will be getting hung up for a while.

At a glance, Leaf will track a woman’s activity, stress, reproductive health, and nutrition. On top of all that, Leaf will take the data and give you a trend report so you can see where you stand in certain areas.

Women who are trying to conceive will be interested in the reproductive health. According to the press release, it will be able to monitor your menstrual cycle and give you tips on when the best time for conception is.

Leaf  Image courtesy of Leaf
Leaf Image courtesy of Leaf

I’m all for trying out anything that I don’t have to charge, and Leaf is promising that the battery will last 6 months.

The Limited Edition Leaf is being marketed at $250.00 and the original Leaf at $119.00. It comes in five different styles, and for the eco-conscious it’s made from a sustainable source of 7,000-year-old dark Marshwood.

Stay tuned to GeekMom for a full review when it arrives on May 27th!

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