10 More Awesome Kickstarter Gadget Projects This Week

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Makey Makey GO: Invent Everywhere, Invent Now!
A Kickstarter legend is back, offering even more opportunities for playful tinkering.

CHIP – The World’s First Nine Dollar Computer
This one is blowing up! Runs Linux, has Bluetooth/WiFi, does all those computery things.

Arduboy – Card Sized Gaming
Like a tiny GameBoy powered by Arduino. Learn to make your own games.

The ultimate sleep sanctuary: Kokoon EEG headphones

Knows when you’re falling asleep, adjusts the volume accordingly.

BETTER RE, Upcycling Power Pack reusing smartphone batteries
Why buy a whole new portable charger when you can reuse an old battery?

Radian 2 Bluetooth: Time Lapse, Motion, and Camera Control
The creators of the first Radian are back with the new version of a great photography accessory.

LUNATIK Epik for Apple Watch
Rugged case from the guy who essentially made the first Apple Watch in 2010.

Fibonacci Clock – An open source clock for nerds with style
You have to do a little math to tell the time, but it’s worth it.

kittybiome: kitty microbiomes for cat health and biology
What’s living in your cat’s guts? The answer might surprise you.

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