Kickstarter 072116

10 Exciting New Gadget Projects on Kickstarter This Week

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Kickstarter 072116

Petcube Bites + Petcube Play: Treat & Care for Pets Remotely
Toss treats to your dog from the office or the other side of the planet.


The New Glif: A Tripod Mount for Smartphones, Redesigned

These Kickstarter pioneers are back with a revamp of their first project.


Omega2: $5 IoT Computer with Wi-Fi, Powered by Linux
Maybe it’s computers that want to be free.


Renegade: The First 3D Pen to Run on Plastic Bags & Bottles
Hyperlocal recycling –> free plastic filament.


Raspberry Shake: Your Personal Seismograph
Plugs into a Pi, detects earthquakes near and far, shares the data.


World’s First And Only Complete Weather Camera System
This creator’s second networked-weather-station project adds a wind gauge.


Mine Kafon Drone
ICYMI: Acclaimed designer tries a new approach to eliminating land mines.


Weighitz: Weigh Smarter
Tiny scales work together to weigh luggage and anything else.


The Superbook: Turn your smartphone into a laptop for $99
Leverages the power of an Android phone to create a laptop-like experience.


Restore the Pluto Discovery Telescope
The Lowell Observatory in Arizona needs help restoring a piece of astro-history.

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