King Kong Set to Return to Universal Studios Florida

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Kongfrontation – Universal Studios Florida (1990)

In 1986, King Kong Encounter opened as one of the flagship attractions of Universal Studios Hollywood. In 2008, the iconic attraction was destroyed in a fire. Universal replaced the ride with King Kong: 360 3-D, a component of the Studio’s tour tram ride. This new incarnation was based on Peter Jackson’s 2005 King Kong remake. For me, however, I have fond memories of Universal Studios Orlando and their flagship Kongfrontation ride, which opened with the theme park back in 1990. That ride sadly closed in 2002, making way for a ride based on the Brendan Fraser Mummy films.

For theme park aficionados like myself, there is no more welcome news than the announcement that Universal Orlando Resort’s incredible Islands of Adventure is bringing Kong back to the park for the summer of 2016. Executive Producer Mike West recently unveiled details about Skull Island: Reign of Kong, a new, set-driven attraction based on Peter Jackson’s remake.

The new ride sounds like the perfect match for Islands of Adventure’s brand of immersive attractions like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Here is West’s announcement of the new ride and the addition of a new Skull Island backdrop to the park.

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