Annoying Orange Moves Off the Web and Onto TV!

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Annoying Orange boldly goes where no fruit has gone before! TV!Annoying Orange boldly goes where no fruit has gone before! TV!

Annoying Orange boldly goes where no fruit has gone before! TV!

To the cheers of 10-year-olds everywhere (and the likely groaning of their parents), YouTube sensation Annoying Orange is making its debut on Cartoon Network tonight (Monday, June 11) at 8:30pm ET/PT. The original premise of Annoying Orange was pretty straightforward: an orange in a kitchen annoys the other fruits and vegetables around him. This includes his best friend, Apple, potential girlfriend Passion Fruit, the happy-go-lucky Marshmallow (yes, I know, marshmallows are not a fruit) and Orange’s natural nemesis, Grapefruit.

The new series will broaden the story range, taking Orange and his pals out of the kitchen and into a fruit stand. The stand is run by the only live human Character, Nerville, played by another YouTube star, Toby “Tobuscus” Joe Turner. Toby is the creator of such hits as NUGGET in a BISCUIT!!, I Can Swing My Sword, and Safety Torch. From the stand, Annoying and his friends head out on a variety of adventures to times and destination far and wide, including to the Prehistoric Era, the Renaissance, and outer space, to name just a few.

My son, Dashiel, and I got a chance to watch a preview episode, “Marshmalia,” a parody of Star Trek: The Original Series. With Orange as Captain Kirk (of course), the crew set out to explore the universe. Dash, despite having only limited exposure to ST: TOS, declared it the funniest thing he had ever seen. For my part, the Star Trek parody made it worth the watch, and was obviously done by someone who knew (and revered) the material.

The series already have a slate of guest star voices lined up, including Michael Clark Duncan, Jeffery Tambor, Tim Curry, Tony Hawk, Malcolm McDowell, Billy Dee Williams, Leah Remini, Tom Kenny, John DiMaggio, Nick Swordson, Danny Trejo, and fan favorite Felicia Day.

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