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Every holiday season, I like to geek out in my own ways. For Christmas Eve, I am going to be a responsible adult with many loved ones. And food. And presents. It will be all love, and happy, and only geeky when some of us open presents which will inevitably take over the house. (Of course, I’m sure none of you have ever had a spontaneous plastic-lightsaber recreation of the Duel on Cloud City…) Needless to say, we will not need help for that day.

For New Year’s Eve, we are hosting a Star Wars marathon. Star Wars Episodes IV-VI will be playing, and I will eat about two gallons of canned popcorn, and drink about six gallons of Mountain Dew. Health concerns aside, planning is required for a great party. After all, it’s not an epic night unless a sword, a staff, a wand, and maybe even a screwdriver come out to play.

Here are my 10 favorite ways to make a party welcoming to all the geeks I know.

1) The door: Start off with a sign on your door reading, “No admittance except on Party business.” This will keep out the zombies, muggles, and (hopefully) the Sackville-Bagginses. Especially effective on green or round doors.

2) The mood: Get your favorite playlists rolling, to make the whole venue appropriately geeky. I suggest the soundtrack from The Hobbit as a source of inspiration.

3) “Breakfast”: Grab some geeky snacks! I enjoy dipping pretzel rods in colored icing to match my favorite lightsabers.

4) “Tea”: Epic ice cube trays abound. I love the Doctor Who ice cube trays. Set up a war scene of Daleks and the TARDIS in your freezer, and let your friends pick sides.

5) The Decor: Bring out your dead! Or, you know, your toys. (I feel happy!) Leave your lightsabers, sonic screwdrivers, and other geeky paraphernalia out and about. You never know what kind of references will raise their undying heads if you leave fan fodder around. It’s also a good way to introduce people to new interests. If you don’t like other people playing with your toys (which is totally fine), encourage your friends to bring theirs.

6) The wardrobe: Never underestimate the subtlety of adding a piece of flair. A well-placed scarf, unnecessary (but totally fashionable) glasses, or a flashing pin that says “Potter Stinks” will bring smiles and set the mood for the group. Of course, you could instead run in a not-so-subtle direction, and appear as a member of the 501st Legion.

7) “Second Breakfast”: For the second round, grab your Tetris sandwich cutter, and leave a puzzling treat out for your friends. I like doing this with cake, and coloring the icing.

8) The place settings: Use geeky (officially licensed when possible) party supplies, like Superman dessert plates. Cover with treats (see #7) to surprise guests as they uncover the geekiness beneath.

9) The Test: Change the wi-fi password to an iconic line from your favorite fandom, such as the first line of a book, or (creepier) someone’s dying words. I like the dying words of Boromir—this one is tricky, because in the movie, he had different lines—bonus for fans who use the line from the book.

10) Afternoon tea: Also known as the “after the kids are wiped out” beverage. Make a Doctor Who-themed drink by using 2/3rds Dr. Pepper and 1/3rd surprise flavored liquor(s). Use cherry or vanilla to accent flavors already in the Dr. Pepper. Of course, this one is only for revelers 21 years old and over.

Cheers to the holiday revelers, geeks and muggles alike. Share your favorite party tips below!

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