‘Pandemic: The Board Game’ — Now Infecting iOS

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Screenshot of game menu. Image: Z-Man Games
Screenshot of game menu. Image: Z-Man Games

Announced today: Pandemic is now available on iOS as a universal app. There’s also the added bonus of it being on sale for the first whole week. You can nab it for $4.99 until April 24th. After the sale ends, the app will be available for $6.99.

Pandemic is a cooperative board game that has changed the way my family games. With nobody attacking each other, and a “we all win or lose together” strategy, our family can play this game without fear of someone feeling “beaten.” The goal is simple: save the world from the four super diseases threatening to wipe out the planets population. With many roles, abilities, and the ability to travel the world, the play is unique and provocative every time.

The app is like a dream come true for us. Some of the standouts of the app are:

  • The app is totally faithful to the tabletop game.
  • The app automatically sorts your cards, saving time with hand management.
  • No little pieces. Can I get a Hallelujah? Tiny disease cubes are replaced with attractive graphic indicators, which help young players identify the hotbeds of disease.
  • Single player capabilities. Although you cannot play with only one role, the player can set up several roles, and play as a team, rather than a single player. Each role still has its own hand and abilities, but the app makes it possible to manage multiple roles quickly and easily.
  • It fits in your pocket. Or purse, or whatever. As a universal app, Pandemic can go on iPhones, iPods, and iPads. That’s a lot easier than carrying around a box.
  • Road trip board game. ‘Nuff said.

The app does have in-app purchases, but at $1.99 for six new roles, 8 new events (from the On the Brink expansion), and the ability to have a fifth player, the upgrade is well worth it. Our family didn’t have to think twice about picking it up. We knew we’d get quality, and were not disappointed in the least. I urge you to grab it on the iTunes store while it’s still on sale.

Screenshot of Victory Announcement. Image: Z-Man Games
Screenshot of Victory Announcement. Image: Z-Man Games

About Pandemic (Board Game)

  • Pandemic has received the awards “GAMES Magazine – Best new family game 2009” and “Golden Geek Award – Best expansion 2009” (for Pandemic: On the Brink).
  • Three expansions add non-cooperative features including a bio-terrorist, and opposing teams vying for designation as most efficient.
  • Published by Z-MAN Games in 2008.
  • Currently in its second edition.
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  1. doe it have asynchchronous online multiplayer mode a la carcassonne and ticket to ride?

    1. That was my first through. I use to play the board game version with some work buddies over lunch, but I moved an no longer able to play. I was hoping if this works to start back again.

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