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Bounded Enthusiasm #2: Jonathan Auxier and the Spud Cannon

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Bounded Enthusiasm is a new podcast I’ve started to talk about books and games and whatever else comes to mind. (The first episode was my interview with Tony DiTerlizzi and was called “Talking About Stuff” but then I discovered that name was already taken. So this is the newly re-branded version!)

Bounded Enthusiasm podcast logoToday’s episode is an interview with author Jonathan Auxier, the author of an upcoming book The Night Gardener. I first met Auxier in 2011 at the Wordstock book festival in Portland, Oregon, when he had just published his first book, Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes. You can read my interview with him at Wordstock, and my review of Peter Nimble.

Auxier and I talked about his new book, being new parents, the power of storytelling, the difference between mystery and confusion, and why books aren’t vegetables. We also took a detour into tabletop games. I had a fun time talking to Auxier, who loves to promote kids’ literacy … and also happens to be pretty great with a yo-yo.

Listen to the audio here or hit the play button below:

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The Night Gardener will be available on May 20, and I’ll have a review soon!

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1 thought on “Bounded Enthusiasm #2: Jonathan Auxier and the Spud Cannon

  1. For some unknown reason, I don’t usually listen to the interviews conducted in the various podcasts I listen to; however, this interview really caught my attention.

    I love the discussion about reading and the idea of looking at reading like a balanced diet. Read a bit of everything and read for fun.

    Great interview. My son loved -Peter Nimble-, and now I think I need to go back and read it too. I can’t wait for -The Night Gardener-.

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