‘What Could Possibly Go Wrong?’ on Discovery Tonight – Exclusive Clip!

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After the well-publicized departure of Kari, Grant, and Tory from MythBusters a few months ago, Discovery seems to be making an effort to return to the show formulas that have worked for them well in the past. Not only has MythBusters transitioned to something akin to the way it started – Adam and Jamie building stuff and having a great deal of fun to test all sorts of myths – only with a much larger budget and better production values. Last weekend, a new show with a similar premise, but with a decidedly sillier twist, premiered on Discovery and Science Channel called What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

In What Could Possibly Go Wrong?, a Ph.D. metallurgist named Kevin Moore and a former Marine sniper named Grant Reynolds team up to study epic fails posted online, and attempt to recreate them in Kevin’s garage with a bit of homemade science. These tasks include such ridiculously awesome, or possibly awesomely ridiculous, things as lawnmower jousting, walking on the ceiling with magnetic boots, and, in tonight’s new episode, building a motorized tricycle and a meatball Gatling gun.

The first episode, last weekend, was a lot of fun. Kevin and Grant work well together, and both have good senses of humor. Watch the exclusive clip from tonight’s episode below, and stay tuned to Discovery after MythBusters to watch the whole thing, at 10:00pm ET/PT (or tune into the Science Channel at that time).

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Photo and video © Discovery.

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