Get 2 GB More Google Drive Space by Playing It Safe

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checkupYou might have missed it, but yesterday was Safer Internet Day (don’t worry, I think you can still get a belated card for your sysadmin). To celebrate, Google has the following deal: Run a Google Security Checkup on your account and get an extra 2 GB storage on Google Drive.

I ran the audit yesterday, and it was quite eye-opening. As I’ve done gadget reviews elsewhere, I had granted over twenty devices permission to access my account. Sure, they were formatted and returned, but that’s some scary stuff. I also turned off access for apps I didn’t use, made sure two-factor authentication was on (always, always use this!), and changed my password since it told me the last time I updated my password was way too long ago.

Ironically, at the same time that Google is offering to tighten your security, Microsoft is offering 100 GB for two years if you let them essentially track your every move online. Oh, and use Bing. Don’t do it.

Seriously, even¬†without the 2 GB offer, this is an important tool to run. I suggest running it with your GeekKid, to give them an idea of how much everything ties into everything else. Google’s offer ends February 17th, so hurry on up. (Note: the extra storage will be granted around February 28.)

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