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Corral the Internet With KoalaSafe

Corral the Internet With KoalaSafe

KoalaSafe: a small box that helps your children to access the internet safely and at the times you want them to. Read More


The Problem With Security Questions

Ah the security question. The bastion of internet safety, the protector of our identities, guardian against credit card theft. Or the baffler of addle minded internet shopping junkies like me? My mother has no middle name. I have not had a nickname in 12 years. My first pet is debatable, do I count the cat… Read More

5 Steps to a Family-Safe Internet

I’ve reviewed several internet filtering and internet security products for GeekDad over the years. Each has pluses and minuses. I’ve decided to come clean with what my family runs: yes, we do filter the internet for our kids — but … Read More

A New Take on Internet Safety

With this week being dubbed (by Symantec and the National PTO) Internet Safety Week, Symantec has launched a new parental monitoring software system called OnlineFamily.Norton. It is a new take on parents keeping their kids safe, but even though it’s … Read More