Kickstarter Alert: Unspeakable Words Looks for Funding in a New, Deluxe Edition

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If you’re familiar with the award-winning board gaming show, TableTop, then you probably are familiar with “the Wheaton effect”. This refers to a phenomenon that happens when the show’s host, Wil Wheaton, plays a game and the effect it has on that game’s inventory in warehouses and local game shops everywhere.

Often times, a game will see a serious dip in availability as gamers run out to buy a game they’ve just seen played. Other times, a game will go out of print and not be seen for months later. Such is the case with Unspeakable Words, a game that was played on TableTop in November of 2013 and not seen on store shelves since.

All that is going to change today as the deluxe edition of Unspeakable Words debuts as a new project on Kickstarter. If you’re unfamiliar with this classic game from legendary game designers James Ernest and Mike Selinker, you should watch the TableTop episode for a quick overview. It’s a word creation game with a Cthulhu twist – it’s absolutely horrifying!

What makes this Kickstarter project, the sixth iteration of the game, unique are several things: first, the game has been upgraded with special multi-colored pawns. Second, a dice/pawn bag has been added (along with a few other really cool stretch goals and add-ons, check them out on the project page). Third, the artwork has all been redone by GeekDad favorite, John Kovalic. Finally, if you’re a purist, Playroom Entertainment, the publisher, will be publishing the classic version at the same time. So check out the project and get on board if you’re not afraid of gambling with your sanity!


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