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The Joy of Specs Part 3 – I Can See for Miles

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Obligatory work bathroom selfie.

I picked up my Pivotal Force E1052s with custom UNITY lenses shortly before my big holiday break. I figured this would be ideal, as it would give me ample time to adjust to my new glasses. In retrospect, I rather overestimated this transition period.

In truth, it only took about a day for me to get used to my Flexons.

The first big difference – and I noticed this as soon as the technician handed them to me – was a seemingly preternatural lightness. Between Flexon’s proprietary alloy and the slender lines of my UNITY lenses, these glasses weigh noticeably less than my previous pair of plastic frames with traditional lenses. Despite this lack of heft, which can be felt both in-hand and when the glasses are worn, they’ve already proven wonderfully durable.

I was impressed early on with Flexon’s memory metal (which I detailed in my first post), but UNITY has also raised the bar with regard to resilience. The smudge and scratch resistant coating has made cleaning my lenses a breeze; fingerprints wipe off easily with just a micro-fiber cloth, and I’ve only used a liquid cleaner three times in the past few weeks.

This has afforded a clarity of vision that’s only enhanced by UNITY’s other features. The anti-glare coating has really helped out while I’m driving, and my Computer Vision Lenses have eliminated the eyestrain that often plagued me at work.

In fact, while I originally planned to use these glasses to replace my old prescription lenses, they’ve done far more – they’ve all but replaced my contacts. Between their light weight and the increased peripheral vision afforded by the clever, minimalist design of my E1052s and the flexibility of UNITY’s unique machining process, they almost feel more like contact lenses than glasses.

Aside, of course, from the obvious hassle of putting-in and removing contacts throughout the day.

Whether I’m driving, working or just playing with my kids, these glasses offer crystal-clear vision and genuine comfort. Flexon and UNITY have joined forces too create what are easily the finest pair of glasses I’ve ever owned, and I can’t help but recommend both products.

Find out more information via the Flexon and VSP web sites, and start seeing life in high-definition!

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2 thoughts on “The Joy of Specs Part 3 – I Can See for Miles

  1. When my eyes first went I was working as a protectionist at a movie theater. People kept telling me theater x was out of focus. I was like umm no… I just checked it. It’s fine. So for about a month or so everything for everybody else was a bit fuzzy but sharp for me.

    1. I got my first pair of glasses when I was 12, KC. I will always remember it as the first time I was able to observe individual blades of grass/leaves on tress from a distance! 🙂

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