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Games Workshop has been pushing out the releases in 2017. Every week there seems to be something new, beautiful, and often expensive. It’s a tough time for the wallets of Warhammer fans right now.

This week, however, sees the release of something free. Free! For everybody. The Citadel Paint app, available on iOS, Android, and Amazon app stores.

The app is a great place to start exploring the Citadel paint range. Whilst experienced painters might find its functionality limited, new painters will find it invaluable. If your children are just getting into the hobby, make sure you download the app. It will help you ensure they buy the right paints for the job.

Plus, if you download the app before Monday, September 18th, you’ll have five chances to win more than 100 Citadel paints. Every day next week, one lucky user will be randomly picked to win a bumper crop of paints.

What Is the Citadel Paint App?

It’s a one-stop depository for all your painting needs. Well, nearly; there aren’t any actual paints, and it won’t improve your painting skills, but if you’re struggling with what Citadel Paint you need to create a certain color or effect, then the app is a brilliant place to start. Here’s a quick overview of its menus.

Get Started:

The top menu option is for true beginners. Under “Get Started” you’ll find all the Games Workshop style painting tips you’ll need. Including a description of how its paint system works.

Cookie monster bowl
Want to have Cookie Monster minis? There’s an app for that. Two screens from the app (camera and paint selection) shown. Photo: Robin Brooks

Color Picking – “Paint by Colour”:

Under the Paint by Colour menu is a series of submenus that allows you to pick the color you’re after. It will then tell you exactly which paints you need to create that color. This may be by color (blue), shade (dark blue), or “Faction Colour” (Ultramarines Armour). For those counting, there are recipes for seven flesh tones.

One of the nicest features of the app is the ability to take a photo of something and have it work out what paints you need to recreate it. I’m not sure how accurate this function is in practice, but it’s an interesting way to incorporate real-world colors into your army.

Paint by Miniature:

Want to know how to paint a Cadian Shock Trooper or maybe a Clanrat? Click on Paint by Miniature, select the one you want, and it will give you a little photo of the mini in question with a key to all the colors you need.

Select what base type you’d like, and find out what paints you need. Two screens shown.

Paint Bases:

Everything you need to know to make simple scenic bases.

Inventory & Wishlist:

The section anybody can use, whether you have six paints or 106. It’s a simple list of the entire Citadel paint range. Each paint has two checkboxes, one to click if you own it, another if you want it. A simple and effective way to make sure you don’t regret that cheeky impulse paint buy. I’m looking at you, Yriel Yellow.

Is the Citadel Paint App worth Downloading?

It’s free–with a commitment to keeping it that way, so, “Yes–most definitely.” There are no cheeky in-app purchases or paywalled areas.

What Are the App’s Limitations?

It’s free, so it isn’t going to include everything you desire. Useful as the app is, it’s still a marketing tool for Citadel Paints.

It’s a Citadel app, so of limited use if you have paint from other manufacturers. There’s no way to check those off and there never will be. A less contentious addition would be a recipe page, a notebook where you could jot down your mixes and blends. Even restricted to Citadel Paints, this would be a useful addition. “4 Parts Mephiston Red: 1 Part Kantor Blue: 1 Part Screaming Skull…” or something…

The “Paint by Miniature” section is limited. The more figures there are, the more useful the app would be. The basics are covered, but special character features would be a great addition. Having this menu searchable would also be nice. It’s in alphabetical order, so it’s not hard to navigate. I’m just lazy.

Not so much a limitation, but a possible area for expansion would be links to some of the many Warhammer TV “tips of the day.” This is an ever-growing repository of helpful painting tips, and it would be great to link it in. Similarly, links to some masterclass techniques would give the app appeal to more experienced users.

Paint by miniature. Cadian and Clanrat side by side.

Reader: Go Download It.

All in all, though, the Citadel Paint app is a great addition to your painting arsenal. If for no other reason than you can stop googling “Citadel Paint Chart” to find out what shade and layer paints go over Incubi Darkness. It’s particularly good for parents of Warhammer geeks wanting to help their children find what they need. It should stop you from standing staring blankly at the paint rack in the shop, wondering what the difference between Calgar Blue and Caledor Sky might be.

Don’t forget: Everybody who has downloaded the app between now and Friday 22nd has up to five chances to win over 100 Citadel Paints. Definitely worth a punt, even if you never use the app.

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