The Poisoned Pumpkin: Taste-testing Seasonal Pumpkin Products

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This year, the pumpkin spice is everywhere. During these weeks leading up to Halloween, store shelves are loaded down with seasonal pumpkin-flavored coffees — as well as breads, cakes, cookies, mints, trail mix, yogurts, sodas, health bars, teas, oatmeal… Ice cream? Jell-O? And so much more.

My wife, GeekMom Kay, and I wondered if any of these things were actually worth eating. So along with our son Bastian, we’ve decided to taste-test as many as we can find! The first video is now up:

Hopefully these videos will help you decide if you want to try any of these products. If not, at least you can enjoy watching our expressions when we try something truly gross!

And parents: Look for our upcoming videos on The Poisoned Pumpkin: After Hours, where we taste-test several dozen pumpkin-flavored alcohols! After your kids are in bed, of course!

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