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Pick Up Malibu Shark Attack on the Cheap

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malibu shark attack

Last year I didn’t do a proper “2013 Best-Of” list — because I am lazy, lazy little man — but I did mention in passing that one of my favorite albums was Malibu Shark Attack’s self-titled debut. For those not in the know, this international duo is composed of Atlanta-based nerdcore champ Tribe One and Oppenheimer alum Rocky O’Riley.

Obviously I wasn’t the only one impressed by this offering, as it was just revealed that Malibu Shark Attack made the shortlist for the 2014 Northern Ireland Music Prize. In celebration of this honor, the guys have decided to cut new fans a deal. Currently you can use the coupon code “musicprize” at checkout for a 50% discount off the digital release via Bandcamp.

If you’re in the market for 13 tracks of dazzling indie pop/hip-hop, lyrical positivity and glorious guest stars — including Adam WarRock, Jesse Dangerously and Ash’s Tim Wheeler — you’re definitely going to want to take advantage of this!

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