Halloween Scents From Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Pumpkin, Cider and Feeding The Dead

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Image: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL) creates some of the most intoxicating scented oils you will ever have the joy of experiencing. Many of the scents are inspired by your favorite fandoms with lines dedicated to RPGs and Neil Gaiman’s Coraline, but they also do seasonal lines. The latest is in honor of Halloween and it’s full of pumpkin, vampire, and witch inspired goodness.

It’s pretty much a given that if a company has something that can be “pumpkined” then that’s what they do once October arrives. BPAL has introduced no less than seven different pumpkin scents that are part of their Pumpkin Patch line and they’re unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere.

Image: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

You can choose from scents like Pumpkin 1 which is pumpkin cream with cardamom, black tea, allspice, and ginger milk or Pumpkin 5 with pumpkins, pumpkin vines, and wild mushrooms with white sage, cade, sweetgrass, and vanilla-infused rosewood. They sound incredible, and if you’ve never experienced BPAL scented oils, then you’re in for a treat.

It’s not only pumpkin, though, with the Seven Visions of Autumn grouping and individual scents like Fog Machine Juice, Suck It, and Feeding the Dead. You can get them each in 5 ml glass vials for $23, and having used many of their scents, I can assure you that those vials will last. Just a few drops will have you leaving a wonderfully scented trail in your wake.

You can see the complete Halloween line over at BPAL and order the ones that tempt you the most, but don’t delay, as these will only be around for a short time.

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