Boombot 2+ is a Great Bluetooth Speaker for Teens

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I’ve been searching a while now for a good Bluetooth speaker for my son. He’s 13,  heavily into Dunnies, and wanted something in that style that still has great sound. I needed to make sure it was something durable, that could stand up to the punishment he’d put it through an a daily basis. Not necessarily water proof, but water resistant, with rugged and solid construction.

We found what we were both looking for in the Boombot 2+ from Boombotix. The vinyl figure-inspired speaker case reminds me of a chibi version of Cthulhu or Doctor Zoidberg—both my son’s favorites—in a rubberized red shell.

Boombot 2+ from Boombotix
Boombot 2+ from Boombotix

With a base of 54mm and an almost square size of 92×96mm—not including the belt clip—the speaker is portable and easy to toss around. It lists a 6 hour life for the rechargeable lithium ion battery, but my own tests found this closer to 5 hours of use at normal volume levels—at least normal for a teenager.

But what of the sound? It’s clear and can get extremely loud, with 50mm drivers. But if that’s not enough the Boombot can serve as a hub for other speakers to plug into for better stereo sound.


The controls are simple to use—volume up, volume down, and a control for using with a smart phone—and the bluetooth setup was a snap. The speaker also comes with an integrated microphone, perfect for those Minecraft hangouts, where its vital to keep your hands free for the keyboard jockeying needed to keep away from the creepers.

Additional features include a 3-color star shaped LCD—functional as well as a nice flourish—and removable speaker grills allowing you to mix and match designs.

At around $60, the Boombot2+ packs a lot of sound into a small, tough package perfect for the teen on-the-go.

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NOTE: Boombotix supplied a sample for review.

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