10 Sure Signs That You Attended Gen Con Last Weekend

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Did you attend Gen Con this past weekend? Or did you stay home and participate in Gen Can’t? Either way, here are some tell-tale signs that anyone who has attended a gaming convention can appreciate:

10. Your knees, feet, and ankles are so sore and tired from standing on concrete all day that making it across a crosswalk in the allotted 45 seconds is a risky proposition.

9. You see a child walking down the sidewalk with a blue tail and furry, rotating ears on top of her head and it doesn’t seem the least bit unusual until you notice the turned heads and pointing fingers of non-con attendees.

8. When packing for Gen Con, you would be more bummed out by leaving your dice at home than your toothbrush. (You can always buy a new toothbrush — new dice aren’t to be trusted.)

7. Thirty minute queues don’t frighten you at all. When there’s a long line, you immediately sit down and break out a small game.

6. More than most, you appreciate the comfort and benefits of a folding chair.

5. Six people in a hotel room that sleeps two isn’t strange; it simply makes good economic sense. (Although walking to the bathroom in the pitch dark can be a challenge!) Besides, who sleeps at Gen Con anyway?

4. Con crud must be avoided, so you washed your hands more times than a surgeon in the past four days.

3. You brought three suitcases to Indianapolis. One with clothes, one with older games you wanted to play with friends, and an empty one for new games you were planning to bring home.

2. Your wallet is empty, but your fun-meter is still in the redline.

And the sign you attended Gen Con this past weekend …

You’ve already started a countdown to Gen Con 2015. July 30 is only 344 days away!

Any others that we missed? Let us know below. And we’ll see you in Indy in 2015!

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5 thoughts on “10 Sure Signs That You Attended Gen Con Last Weekend

  1. Here’s others you missed. “You brought an extra suit case just for your cosplay outfits.”

    “You brought old games to sell just to buy new ones.”

    “Walking into a dealer hall and two hours slipping by unnoticed doesn’t phase you.”

  2. You took Monday off to catch up on your sleep.
    Instead of catching up on your sleep you punched out all the pieces for your new games.
    You are now pricing frames for the art that you bought at the Con.
    As if your credit card was hurting enough you have backed game son Kickstarter.

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