Gen Can’t: The Best Gaming Unconvention You’ll Never Attend

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The #GenCant2014 hashtag was filled with funny pictures and comments.

This past weekend was Gen Con 2014, the largest tabletop gaming convention in the US, and it was a blast. Several of the GeekDads were in attendance this year, and we’ll be sharing photos and stories from the convention soon, after we’ve gotten home and gotten some sleep. (I’m writing this on my iPad on the plane currently.)

When Twitter feeds started filling up with #GenCon2014, some gamers who weren’t attending the convention started their own hashtag: #GenCant2014. I’m not certain, but I believe it originated with this tweet from @425Suzanne. It was soon picked up by Naked Meeple, Board Game Duel, Rolling Dice & Taking Names, and others.

It took off quickly, with people posting photos of their accommodations, the short lines, and games they were playing (such as Feeding My Kid Oatmeal).

Gen Can’t 2014 was well-attended, though official figures aren’t in yet. It was cheaper, less crowded, and general consensus is that it smelled better, too. It featured games, exclusive swag, and even cosplay. There was even a photo contest: many people and website donated prizes, and they even had a Gen Con liaison (someone attending the show) who solicited prizes from publishers at the exhibit hall.

It reminds me a lot of the Run Free Race: it’s a distributed event, one that the participants define as they go, and it grew to the point that I couldn’t keep up with all of the tweets. But if you want a good laugh, go back and take a look at the #GenCant2014 hashtag to see what you missed.

And as one “can’tventioneer” mentioned, Gen Can’t doesn’t have to end after four days. It can just keep going until next year, so it’s not too late to attend. In fact, I might just have to register when I get home. (Registration is free.)

I’ll be interested to see if Gen Can’t will be back next year, perhaps with more scheduled activities and panels? It would make for a fascinating internet-enabled alternative for those game-lovers who aren’t able to make it to Indianapolis.

Apologies for typos or incorrect links. There’s a reason I don’t usually write posts from my iPad…

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