A ‘Harry Potter’ Fangirl With Big Dreams

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Harry Potter may have ended in 2011 with seven books and movies, but the magic of J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world lives on with every new generation.

The magic and wonder of the worlds created in the books is inspiration for so many little imaginations. Skylar was having a birthday party and seeing as how she loves all things Harry Potter, a very Hogwarts birthday party was in order!

Harry Potter Birthday
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Harry Potter Birthday detailsThis little fangirl got the Harry Potter party of her dreams! Skylar’s very talented parents went all out, creating a 9 ¾ station entrance on their porch, floating candles over the great dining (room table) hall, and there was even a Gringotts where you could exchange money to buy edible treasures at Honeydukes!

With the help of Pinterest, Skylar’s mom created hand-crafted wands out of paper and paint while Skylar’s dad put on a whimsical potions show of scientific magic. To top off the magical evening, The Sorcerer’s Stone shown on a big screen while Golden Snitch-topped cupcakes were served!

Brown UniversityIf you think Skylar’s fascination with Harry Potter stops at the books and movies, you only have to look to her bedroom to see her love of the wizarding world runs deep. Her room is adorned with Harry Potter and Hogwarts house memorabilia, but the most prominent decor in the room is a large Brown college pennant right above her bed. Why Brown? It’s the college that Hermione Granger herself, actress Emma Watson, attended. If there ever was a strong, intelligent woman to admire, both Hermione and Emma Watson fit the bill.

You couldn’t ask for a better Harry Potter-themed party for a bright, young, deserving girl. After all, getting to seven years old in either the wizarding world or the muggle world is no easy task. Just remember Skylar, when you indeed do attend Brown, make sure to use your time-turner wisely.

Click on links for more details on the Harry Potter Birthday and Golden Snitch Cupcakes.

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  1. This is lovely! Skylar looks like she’ll go far up in the Ministry of Magic. I wish her the best 🙂 Also: Skylar’s parents, you are amazing!

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