Sneak a Peek at Transformers Prime “Synthesis” (Exclusive!)

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This week on Hasbro Studios’ Transformers Prime Beast Hunters, Optimus Prime and the Autobots must find the Decepticon warship to rescue one of their own.¬†In this exclusive clip, Ratchet discovers the full extent of Megatron’s plans and¬†attempts to make his escape — but can he get away in time to stop Megatron?

This season of Transformers Prime Beast Hunters is almost at an end, so don’t miss the action this Friday at 7:30 pm EST on Hub Network.

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1 thought on “Sneak a Peek at Transformers Prime “Synthesis” (Exclusive!)

  1. Whaaaat?! They changed the series name?! No wonder my DVR never had any new episodes anymore… Geez, I’ve missed almost the whole season now. Thanks Hub…

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