Osmo Is Kinect for iPad, Only Better

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I had some time with the new Osmo peripheral for the iPad that turns your table top into an interactive play space. I wasn’t expecting to be all that impressed, but it was actually pretty awesome.

Here is my in-the-home family test:

Click here to pre-order Osmo. The August shipment is already full, so the next shipment date is in October.

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2 thoughts on “Osmo Is Kinect for iPad, Only Better

  1. For want of a better place to put this … I used to follow GEEKDAD on WIRED and was sad when it went away. (I’m not a dad, but I am a geek.)

    I knew it was being reconstituted as a stand-alone website, but on checking things seemed to be stalled for the time being, so I decided to forget about it for the moment and check back later. Having done so, I am delighted to find that GEEKDAD is flying high again. I will once again have it on my “daily read” list. Thanks to all the Geek Dads who keep it in the air.

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