Kickstarter — Simplifying My Wallet

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When it comes to Kickstarter, sometimes it’s all about timing. Take my wallet. I’m not sporting a George Castanza-style wallet, but I do have a lot of extraneous stuff in my wallet that really needs to be left at home. It hit me last week when I dug through a dozen cards that I’ve used maybe once in 12 months, looking for one I use constantly. I’m all about simplifying and making my life less cluttered, so when the Simple Wallet Plus Kickstarter notice arrived in my Inbox… it took one viewing of the video and 30 seconds to make the jump. (I even got in on the Early Bird option… that NEVER happens.)


I can’t speak to the quality of it… yet. I’m supposed to get mine in September, so I really don’t have that much longer to wait. One thing is certain — I plan on emptying my current wallet and keeping only those things I really use constantly. The KS project recommends some interesting apps and methods for reducing the clutter in our wallets, and I plan on trying them out, especially an app for collecting all my rewards cards… those things get out of hand quick.

You can check out the full Kickstarter here. I’ve seen their earlier wallets (also Kickstarted), and I’ve always wanted to try one. But I also saw a demonstration last year where some cards were read from a distance from inside a standard wallet — shocking. If the RFID blocking capability is legit, this is going to calm my nerves a bit. I’ll do a follow-up once it arrives and let you know what I think… and the fact that it’s made/machined in the USA already makes me quite happy.

Simple Wallet Plus

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