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You’re a health-conscious, technologically-sophisticated geek who tries to take care of yourself, right? You probably have an Apple or Android watch, or a FitBit, and you track your exercise goals and eating so you can lead a healthier life. That’s wonderful for you, but what about your kids? They’re a bit young for an Apple Watch, but wouldn’t it be nice to keep an eye on their wellness and get them involved in their health?

Kiddo is a new project on Kickstarter this week, and we want to get the word out about their cool new wearable for kids aged 3-10. We’re going to feature one cool aspect of the Kiddo each day, and hopefully get you excited about backing this project.

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Enjoy Everyday Fun and Play

The Kiddo helps track your kids’ health and well-being, and allows you to set goals and reward them as they succeed, instilling a life-long sense of the positives aspects of healthy living. You can also give your child a sense of empowerment with the ability to personalize their Kiddo with interchangeable covers, from superhero to sea animal to dinosaur and beyond. They can also play gesture-driven games encourage active behavior, enabling children to sing karaoke, play rock, paper, scissors, control the inbuilt LED’s and ‘play’ different instruments on Rockband. Your child will want to play with the Kiddo all day long.

Kiddo is a perfect tool to help bring you and your kids together working and playing with the goal of them growing up happy and healthy.

Kiddo is live now on Kickstarter. They are looking for an initial $25,000 to bootstrap their production of market-ready models that your kids will love to wear, and you’ll love because they give you an extra piece of mind. If you get in early on the campaign, you can get a Super Early Bird unit for just $79.

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