Image of Ruff Ruffman. Copyright WGBH 2014

GeekDad: Parents’ Tech Survey

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Image of Ruff Ruffman. Copyright WGBH 2014
Image of Ruff Ruffman. Copyright WGBH 2014

Do you know what your kids are doing on Instagram, or who follows them (or how to even know this)? Does a typical night in front on the TV include an array of phones and tablets that are also in use? Do your kids text you from their rooms? Do you resist looking at your phone when you are driving? No, honestly, can you resist looking at your phone when you are driving?

We’re all wrestling with how to fit the abundance of new technologies into our lives. I’m working on a new media & technology project for PBS and I’d love to hear from you. Please take a few minutes to take this anonymous survey: it will really help inform what we’re doing!

The survey is here.

I’ll write up the survey results here very soon. More on the new project: Ruff Ruffman: Humble Media Genius.

Thank you!

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6 thoughts on “GeekDad: Parents’ Tech Survey

  1. Hi, trying to take the survey but the open question boxes only allow about two sentences, making it hard, and a bit frustrating, to answer these questions. If you can adjust the response length I will take the survey.

  2. The survey seems to often assume a tech-heavy household. I work in the tech field, but we have chosen to keep our household and especially our kids relatively low-tech. Questions such as the Snapchat one assume that the apps are in use and don’t offer the option to say “my kids don’t use these”.

    Similarly, questions such as Bedtime use assume that this is an issue. In our household we only grant limited access to educational use of technology at certain times. Bedtime is for reading, snuggling, and the like, so it isn’t an issue at all. The question really assumes that kids would have their own devices and use them at night.

    The question on breaks has the same issue. We don’t have to coach them to take breaks, because their time online is very limited.

    1. I have some of the same issues. For instance, there is no way to indicate that my child has a nonsmart phone. Should I check the smartphone and the data usage limit boxes? I could do this but it does not really capture the notion that parents make nuanced decisions about the type of device their child uses.

      It would be good to have comment options on most of these questions. That way the surveyors can verify their assumptions and provide an option for survey takers who do not fit the categories.

  3. Text fields now expanded. Clear cache. Feel free to extemporize in any of the text fields if you have questions/concerns. This is intended as a quick but general temperature check – if your experience is very different, I’d love to hear it even if the form seems constraining. Thank you!

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