Skylanders Trap Team Announced

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Skylanders Trap Team

At events across the world, including both London and New York, Skylanders Trap Team was unveiled to the invited media. Now in its fourth iteration, Skylanders had a lot to do. It certainly did a lot, but is it too much?

The headline here is a new portal that lets players trap enemies in special electronic Traps and then turn them into player characters — yes, even Chaos himself. Along with this are a set of new Trap Master characters with special upgradeable weapons (although not interchangeable).

Here is an interview with Jeff Poffenbarger just after the event where he talks me through what I’ve just seen:

Back in the office I then took some time to think through the implications of the various innovations, characters and number of figures I’d been told about. Although I may be out on my own here, it seems to me (from the number of trappable enemies and the ratio to the number of element Traps) that we will see new Elements this year announced soon as well. I also had a close look at the Trap Team Starter Pack:

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