Time To Pre-Order Trap Team, The Next Piece of The Skylanders Franchise

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You may still be catching up on Swap Force characters (or Giants or even Spyro’s Adventure…), but Activision has announced the latest addition to the Skylanders franchise. Skylanders Trap Team will be released October 5.

Up until now, you’ve used the Portal of Power to take your characters to the game. In this piece of the Skylanders story, you get to trap defeated bad guys and then save them into the toy accessories. Of course, as you’ve probably already learned from each new game, you’ll have to have a new portal. This time it’s the “traptanium portal,” which has a little prison and crystals that you can save those bad guys on. The new portal also has a speaker.

In Trap Team, everyone’s favorite Skylander villain Kaos finds Cloudcracker Prison, which sounds something like the Azkaban of the Skylands. When the prisoners escape, it’s up to you to recapture them. The trap must be of the element matching the baddie you want to imprison. You can then release them into the wild, so to speak, by plugging the crystal you’ve trapped the character on and then playing it as a good guy in the game.

Trap Team will have 40+ of those trappable villains (including some version of Kaos) as well as 60 new Skylanders, including the Trap Masters, who have traptanium weapons. Like previous versions, all of the characters you already own will be playable in Trap Team as well. You can pre-order now for the platform of your choice at Toys R Us.

Watch the trailer:

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