Random Geek Roundup #13

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Here is Edison, with one of his more successful projects, the phonograph. Photo: Italy's Wikipedia
Here is Edison, with one of his more successful projects, the phonograph. Photo: Italy’s Wikipedia

Welcome to the thirteenth irregular installment of Random Geek Roundup! This is where I collect a variety of links and sites and products that have come across my virtual desk in recent days. Just because you’ve discovered a specific interesting tidbit doesn’t mean that everyone has. So in the spirit of sharing awesome, here is the next collection of links.

Thomas Edison Didn’t Always Succeed
This isn’t actually news, because most of us know that for every great achievement made by Edison (or often his employees), there were dozens of “failures.” This link describes seven of his more epic non-successes.

Anxiety Can Be Predicted by Your Amygdala
Apparently the size of your amygdala and how well it is connected can predict your chances for developing mood and/or anxiety disorders. As anxiety is quite common among geeks (and I’m no exception), I found this to be a fascinating article on the biology for identifying risk factors.

Neuroscientist Experiments on Self
More on mental health, did you hear about the neuroscientist who discovered, through his own tests, that his brain demonstrated psychopathic patterns? It was quite surprising, but it seems his discovery about himself explained a lot.

Walk Around the Grassy Knoll
With all the attention given to the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination this year, some interesting tools are being developed. Now you can move around the area, turning the scene, zooming in, to look at the site of the assassination for yourself. There are even lines between the cars and the book depository.

What We’ve Learned About Taste This Year
Science is always coming out with new studies about taste, and this year was no exception. Our taste is greatly affected by things such as context, age, and utensils. Read more at the link!

Ride the Moscow Subway for Free Through Exercise
Apparently, in leading up to the Olympics in Russia, travelers can get their ride for free if they are willing to do 30 squats first. Special machines count the exercise. Sounds like a good way to save money to me.

That’s it for this installment of Random Geek Roundup. You can also go back and look at the links from previous Random Geek Roundups for more interesting news and websites!

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