Flavored Mouthguards Are Protection That Kids Will Want to Wear

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My son plays hockey, and we are deep into his season. At a tournament a couple of weekends past, I sat just off the ice, operating the door to the penalty box. This gave me a unique perspective on the kids playing the game as I watched a number of them skate by with their mandatory mouthguards half-hanging out of their mouths, chewing on them like big pacifiers.

Mouthguards won’t work unless they are properly worn, and that’s the mission of the manufacturers of the MoGo mouthguard. The MoGo, available for both adults and kids, was engineered as a mouthguard that athletes would want to wear. In addition to being made with protection in mind, the design has also included special channels to enhance breathability and shaped walls to increase comfort.

But the kicker is the FDA-compliant, EVA flavored plastic that’s embedded in the mouthguard, which makes each MoGo mouthguard a unique experience. Offered in five flavors of lemon, fruit punch, mint, orange, and bubble gum, the MoGo is a mouthguard that kids don’t mind wearing. I chewed on some sample plastic (never thought I’d say that) and the flavor is pleasant and subtle, not overpowering, and is supposed to last for a long time.

Plus, the MoGo also comes in a model to fit over braces (top only) and each mouthguard includes a $10,000 dental warranty. My son has worn one for the past week and it earned the pre-teen, non-commital approval of “it’s alright.” He also said he really liked the flavor, which goes a long way, in my opinion; if it gets more kids to wear a mouthguard during sports, I’m all for it. Especially with a mouthful of permanent teeth and some very expensive metalwork.

Disclosure: GeekDad was sent a sample of this product for review.

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