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I talked yesterday about getting older and streamlining things with my stuff. You can read about that and the review on the IDAPT Wireless Charger here. Now for the next installment.


Do you wear reading glasses? In my new “old age,” I am finding it difficult to see small things, such as fine print, and I have noticed that this is especially problematic at restaurants with menus. Because of this, in addition to all my other daily carry items, I have added a small pair of reading glasses.

ThinOptics PodRecently, I had the chance to check out a pair of ThinOptics glasses that come with an attachable case for iPhone. ThinOptics glasses are super thin in design and flexible. They just sit on your nose, so they require very little framework – they remind me of Morpheus’s glasses from The Matrix.

The included case is very nice too. The glasses themselves weigh less than a nickel because they are made with durable optical grade polycarbonate. This keeps them light and helps recede scratches. Since they are right there on your device, they are ready to use anywhere!

I recommend these as a great alternative to anyone who needs reading glasses. In fact, 44 million Americans need help seeing their screens and 79% of smart phone users have their phones within reach for all but 2 hours of the day. They are available in +1.75 and +2.50 optical strength. ForĀ  more information, check out

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