Gadget Review: IDAPT i4W Qi Wireless Charging System

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Now that I have just turned the big 4-0, I have started looking to simplify and declutter my life. It’s weird how you start looking at things differently at the varied stages of life. So far, I have moved on from a “Frankenstein” computer rig to a plug it in and go, out-of-the-box, HP Desktop; and I have gotten rid of many of the tchotchkes and toys that have cluttered every flat surface of my home and office. Of course I did not get rid of these things permanently, my packrat self would never allow that – actually the geeklets are enjoying the lion’s share.

Fully loaded
Fully loaded

One big thing that I really wanted was to organize my charging area for my gadgets. Normally, I plug my iPhone in on the dresser and the Nexus or iPad gets plugged in wherever I find a free outlet. Well no more. I picked up the new IDAPT i4w Qi Wireless Charging Station.

The IDAPT i4w Qi is actually a universal and wireless charging station. When I say “universal”, I really do mean universal. It comes with an assortment of tips that can be inserted into the base, which can be used to hold and charge two handsets. The tips can be changed out with a variety of replacement tips to accommodate nearly any handset. Then, it also has a port on the side to plug a regular cord into for larger objects, such as tablets. The majority of the base itself is actually the wireless charging station, which can charge any Qi compatible device. It looks great and has a great purpose.

iW4 Tip
Removable tip

I am using it to charge an iPhone 5 (on a tip), an iPod Touch (tip), a Nexus 7 (Qi)and an iPad 2 (cord), all on a daily basis – simultaneously. The i4w supplies 25 watts of power, which means that it does not slow down when another device is added. I can charge all four devices just as fast as the stock charger.

Now before you think I am way too into my gadgets, the iPod Touch is one of the kid’s and the Nexus 7 is for use around the house, the iPhone and iPad are for work.

I highly recommend the IDAPT iW4 charger system and you can buy or find out more info at Amazon.

EDIT: Looks like they are are super sale right now on Amazon. Regularly $119.99 – now $59.99!

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3 thoughts on “Gadget Review: IDAPT i4W Qi Wireless Charging System

  1. Well, that’s really a nice deal in just less than $60 under special offer. I even recently purchased a qi wireless charger for my Nexus 5 with price less than even $25 with wide charging pad.

  2. Alba, I would say, quality, universality and innovations have their price but in most cases they’re worth the money. I’m using idapt’s for a long time and never been disappointed

  3. I would like to be able to comment positively on this product, however, this company took money for the purchase and has yet to ship the product over 6 weeks ago and has NOT responded to my emails. Poor customer service no matter how cool the device seems.

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