3 thoughts on “Is Jupiter Ascending the Space Opera We've Been Waiting For?

  1. Your opinions may vary: But I have been a fan of all their work.
    Were the 2 follow-up Matrix movies as good as the first, no. But were they still moderately entertaining to watch, yes.
    Speed Racer, I was a huge fan of the cartoon and they did an appropriate Live-Action version right down to the casting choices which were spot-on IMHO.
    Cloud Atlas, I saw the Directors Cut trailer & was stunned/excited to see the movie, but I knew already I would probably enjoy it more reading the book first. If you look at reviews, most people who have read the book agree! Otherwise, the movie was spectacular, for what they could do with the material.
    And yes, I skipped V for Vendetta. Again, I would compare it with the Matrix sequels, entertaining to watch. But not much replay value.

  2. I really disliked the Matrix sequels. To this day, I only own the first one and will pretend it was the only one made.

    Speed Racer was mindless eye candy.

    I didn’t see Cloud Atlas.. but I may eventually get around to it.

    I liked V for Vendetta. I saw it in the theater… but like you said, I’ve never watched it again.

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