Get Your Siege Engines in Time for the Holidays


Evan, Michael, and the whole team at EM-Studios are back with a new round of awesome laser-cut siege engine kits, just in time for the holidays. Their first go, the Trebuchette, was one of the first Kickstarter projects we ever supported, and since then we’ve seen them grow from two guys in a shared workspace in Menlo Park, CA, working and sometimes sleeping next to the 2nd-hand laser cutter they’d bought, to a (barely) serious company turning out some great toys.

The ballista kit.
The ballista kit.

And now they’ve launched another KS campaign for a new generation of siege engine kits. I’m especially keen on the ballista. These will make the best holiday gifts for the geeky family, because they combine the awesomness of building with the immediately better awesomeness of destruction. Check them out and get in early, so you can guarantee delivery in time for Christmas!

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