What Songs Should I Sequence for My Holiday Lights?

Hacking the Holidays

You may recall from last year that I stepped my holiday lights obsession up a notch and purchased a Light-o-Rama device, that lets me drive 16 channels of holiday display items from my computer, and makes it possible to put on musical light shows. Last year, I did a sequence to “Chiron Beta Prime,” a perky holiday tune by Jonathan Coulton. I’m just getting started for this year, and I’d love to get your suggestions for songs to sequence.

Oh, and yes, I’ve already got “What Does the Fox Say” done.

So in the comments (or on Twitter/Facebook/G+) leave your suggestions for fun, funny, quirky holiday-related songs that I should include in our light show this year. I’ll pick a number that I like, sequence them, and then record the videos and post them here on the blog.

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5 thoughts on “What Songs Should I Sequence for My Holiday Lights?

  1. I am Santa Claus by Bob Rivers. I have a 16 ch sequence to it already I can share. It’s a play on Iron Man by Black Sabbath. I have a video of it as well so you can see/hear what my display looks like. This is my first year doing this so I am still kind of new to it.

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