This is the End Released on Home Video Today!

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This is the End

If you are needing to get your apocalypse on before the new season of The Walking Dead starts, then look no further. This is the End, the raunchy end of the world comedy is being released today (10/01/2013) on Blu-ray and DVD.

endJames Franco (127 Hours), Jonah Hill (Moneyball), Seth Rogen (Knocked Up), Jay Baruchel (Knocked Up), Danny McBride (Eastbound & Down), and Craig Robinson (The Office) star as themselves in this movie about six friends trapped in James Franco’s Los Angeles home as the world around them comes to an end. There is also many surprise cameos, with appearances by Rihanna (Battleship), Michael Cera (Juno) and Emma Watson (Harry Potter series).

I did not get a chance to see this in the theater and I was very disappointed. Now that I have seen it on DVD, I am a bit better. Not only is this a hilarious movie, but the extras on home video make it a keeper. I started watching it again with the commentary from directors Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg, and it doubled the hilarity of the movie. I imagine this is what making a movie with a group of best friends is like.

There is also the regular extras including deleted scenes, gag reels, marketing videos and featurettes. The Blu-ray also includes the original short movie Jay & Seth vs. The Apocalypse, which is what inspired the movie. I recommend this movie, but only to those people of age and with an open-minded sense of humor.

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