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Flipping channels manually is so last season. This year, let an app on your wifi enabled device switch the channels automatically when a commercial comes on. Yes, I know that you can skip though all the commercials you want — if you are watching a recorded event — but what about live TV? You know, those shows that you want to watch in real time. When a commercial break happens on real time or live TV, you can either watch the commercial, flip around or leave the room. Well, MyTVChoice is the first technology that allows you to skip commercials on games and popular shows you want to watch live.

SelectGametoWatchWhat is the witchcraft, you ask? Simply plug the MyTVChoice Gateway into a wall socket and download the app to your iPhone, Android, iPad or Android tablet. Then set a primary and secondary channel with the corresponding MyTVChoice mobile application. That is it! Commercials are automatically replaced with the channel of your choice during live sports, select reality shows and award shows such as the Emmys.  With sports, you will never miss a play.

I have been using it since the beginning of this football season and it works like a charm. The app shows all the games that are playing and you just pick the one you want. The gateway works with probably every device created. Mine is a 5 year old DirectTV converter. Set it up in less than 5 minutes. It changes the channels automatically at the beginning of the commercial break and switches back instantly when it is over. For the Patriots game last week, I had my secondary channel set to Comedy Central, so as soon as a time out was called, I was yucking it up with The Colbert Report and stand-up.

For more information and a start-up special, check MyTVChoice out here.

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