Star Wars – Phineas and Ferb Crossover Announced for Next Year!

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With the recent purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney, and with Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel on its way to TV screens in less than a month, it shouldn’t come as an overwhelming surprise that the show will also be the first crossover between Disney’s kids’ shows and the Star Wars universe.

The announcement of the crossover, to be called “May the Ferb Be With You” (of course) and to air at an as-yet-unspecified date next year, was made today at Comic-Con International in San Diego by Phineas and Ferb creators and executive producers Dan Povenmire and Swampy Marsh. Here’s the description of the special episode from the official press release:

The event episode’s story begins a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away – in summer. Phineas and Ferb are living happily on Tatooine, just one moisture farm over from Luke Skywalker. They love simply hanging out and creating new adventures under the twin suns but find themselves thrust into a global rebellion when the plans for blowing up the Death Star accidentally fall into their hands.

Now that fate has suddenly pulled them into the fight for freedom, they must go in search of a pilot who can take them to the rebels so they can hand over the plans. Complicating matters, Candace has a Stormtrooper-like intent on “busting rebels” and chases Phineas and Ferb across the galaxy in hopes of retrieving the Death Star plans.

Meanwhile, back on the Death Star, Darth Enshmirtz, a low level Darth, has created a Force-powered “Sith-inator” that he plans to use against the Rebel Alliance. Agent P, working undercover for the Rebellion, is dispatched to stop him, but quickly gets trapped in carbonite. Then, things take a startling turn when Ferb is accidentally hit by the full blast of Dr. Darth Enschmirtz’s “inator” and becomes… an evil Sith.

Honestly, much as part of me doesn’t want this to happen, that actually sounds pretty funny to the rest of me. And I trust Dan and Swampy — who are just as big fans of Star Wars as I am, from what I’ve heard and the several conversations I’ve had with them — to do right by the source material… which, really, is more than I can say for what George Lucas has done for the past 16 years. (I refer to the release of the infamous “Special Edition,” in case that wasn’t clear.)

Image: Disney.

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4 thoughts on “Star Wars – Phineas and Ferb Crossover Announced for Next Year!

  1. Don’t forget they already toyed with this notion in an early episode when Candace accidentally launches their rocket and they have to chase her in the pink rocket they built for Candace.

    Weaving through asteroids, Phineas “Just like Beggar’s Canyon back home”

    Also Doof trying to pull a Force during the sausage/bratwurst duel.

    Hello, I’m 33yrs old and I’m a little ashamed I know all that. (okay not really).

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